LittersharkIdeas for waste

Symbiosis of design and function

The user-friendly Littershark collection eases beautifully into every setting thanks to its unique design. With holding capacities from 1 to 1000 litres, the Littershark has it all when it comes to the successful collection of waste.

Sustainable quality

Highly versatile and ready for a quick delivery. Process reliability on an international level together with expedient services.

Functions with advantages

From the Shark Tooth to the bear- proof or explosion-proof systems and the Solar Press-Shark, the Littershark collection is designed to be modular and easy to service. A win-win situation in your daily work and processes, just as it is for the safeguarding of your investment for the long term. The future and our focus is on waste management, which we continue to develop for your benefit.


PVS-cabinet (Passenger prepearing station)Disposal of non-airworthy items.

The Passenger Preparation Station offers passengers four different disposal options as well as optimal preparation for security checks. In addition to PET, liquids and waste, unfit and dangerous items such as lighters and knives can be disposed of separately.

Thanks to the 3-part modular design, the passenger preparation station can be used at different locations. The Passenger Preparation Station is made of V2A chrome steel and the fronts of anthracite laminate.

Liquid-sharkdisposal of liquids

Littershark Liquid is suitable for draining away liquids and has been specially developed for airports. It has a diameter of 506mm and the height is 1192mm. The weight of the liquid shark is 72 kg.

Smiley AshtreySmoking and waste disposal are permitted here

More trash next to than in the trash can? The ashtrays are full too quickly and threaten to ignite themselves again and again? The excellent combination of waste bin with 150 litres and integrated large ashtray with a capacity of 12 litres offer the optimal and efficient solution for this problem.

FODWaste containers for taxiways, suitable for foreign object debris on the taxiways

Sorter-sharkWaste separation made easy

Waste separation made easy. The Sorter-shark makes it visually clear how the waste is to be separated. Thanks to the various module versions it can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Flip-DotsLevel indicator directly on the tank.

Whether individually or in combination with waste management –

The Flip-Dot is the ideal solution to save time and money in waste management. The Flip-Dot expands the functionality of the shark-eye level measurement system by a display module. The filling status – empty or full – is thus visible directly on the container.

NFC-TagsSimple logging of work, individual work steps are perfectly traceable.

Shark-EyeThe shark eye measures and transmits the level of the containers.

Management of litterbins with an intelligent measuring system and wireless communication. The system stops unnecessary tours to empty or half empty litter bins. You will be notified, as soon as a bin is almost ful.

Shark AppCapturing and managing urban furniture.

Use the Shark App to inventory and manage urban objects like receptacles and benches via Smartphone. Collection, cleaning and repairs can be carried out in real time and, if desired, the action recorded with a photo. Keep an eye on your furnishings, place orders to employees on site and increase work process efficiency. The Shark App is the ideal and free complement to our popular Shark Island – guaranteeing a clean and well-maintained image of your town or community.

Shark-IslandEfficient waste management in the cloud.

You can get to Shark Island with various tickets: from simple container management to waste management using an intelligent measuring system and radio communication. Thanks to the cloud-based infrastructure, it is always up to date for all users and can be accessed at any time at any location available.

Waste-ManagementOur solutions for airports

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